19_19 Concept

19_19 Concept

19_19 Concept, for liberated, limitless, extra-urban electric mobility


After Ami One Concept, its electric urban mobility concept car, Citroën presents 19_19 Concept, a second electric concept car to celebrate its centenary and set out its vision of extra-urban mobility. 19_19 Concept is a high-tech object with a spectacular design, inspired by aerospace. It pushes comfort to the extreme, recreating a genuine lounge on wheels in the passenger compartment, on smart suspension to give the sensation of flying over the road. Innovative and futuristic, it offers a driving range of 800 km, level 4 autonomous driving technology and a Personal Assistant that interacts with passengers.

A transparent capsule

With its fully glazed body, 19_19 Concept looks like a transparent bubble. Its length, wheelbase and ultra-short overhangs are impressive. The very rounded passenger cell initiates the base of an aircraft wing on each side, giving the impression of robustness and width. The Plexiglas is tinted black at the front and blue at the back, a nod to the blue of the Petite Rosalie, a legacy of the brand. In the front, passengers can see and be seen, while the rear has a micro-perforated film that protects their privacy.

A futuristic front end

19_19 Concept’s design is aerodynamic. The front incorporates a double Plexiglas bonnet, top and bottom. The upper bonnet extends very high about the wings, serving as a fin and as a support for the Full LED lighting signature, integrating the brand chevrons and the Origins logo. The passenger compartment and the technology are visible. The structure of the suspension, the wheels and the inside of the wings are decorated with ribs reminiscent of the chevrons.

XXL wheels

19_19 Concept seems to be suspended above XXL wheels (diameter: 930 mm and tyres 255/30 R30), developed with Goodyear. The tyre and the wheel seem to be as one, the rubber extending over the rims, contributing to the acoustic comfort.

The wings, both separate from the body and integrated into the wheels, suggest wheels that are completely independent: the cabin seems to be placed on 4 spheres, separated from the road.

Their central spinner remains fixed, displaying the Citroën Origins logo when 19_19 Concept is on the move.

BORN COMFORT : A lounge on wheels

19_19 Concept offers a specific universe to each passenger. The driver’s seat has intuitive controls, a head-up display that gives driving information through the windscreen, an ultra-comfort seat and a speaker in the headrest. The front passenger gets a chaise longue with motorised, adjustable footrest and the rear seats are designed like a sofa. Each passenger has their own sound zone, with personalised content sent to them directly.

At the bottom, the ultra-simplified dashboard has a glazed area that transforms into a film projection screen. The steering wheel floats, looks like marble and has a screen in the centre that displays every generation of Citroën logo in turn.

The doors are reverse-hinged, enabling optimum access for all passengers as there is no B pillar.

Feel as if you are flying over the road

19_19 Concept has smart suspension, active intelligent piloting with an anti-roll, anti-list system, in addition to suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®. Jolts and external disruptions are therefore eliminated.

The wheels and tyres also contribute to the suspension comfort. The IntelliGrip technology, a system of smart sensors, enables 19_19 Concept to determine the optimum driving mode, affecting speed, braking, road-holding and stability.

An autonomous driving

19_19 Concept can manage driving automatically. Some driving phases, such as motorway or traffic jams, can be delegated. For driving pleasure or in more complex situations like driving in busy city centres, the driver can take over the steering wheel at any time.

BORN FUTURE: Driving range of 800 km

19_19 Concept is 100% electric. It does 0-100 km in 5 s and has a top speed of 200 km/h. It has ultra-quick induction charging, meaning that it can recover 600 km of driving range in just 20 minutes, without a charging cable.

An intuitive and proactive Personal Assistant

The Personal Assistant comes in the form of a cylinder on the dashboard. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it takes over interactions with the vehicle and the passengers. When the driver is driving, it remains active but does not take over. In driverless mode, the steering wheel and the pedal unit retract and the Personal Assistant is deployed above the dashboard, freeing up projection surface for the driver.

The Personal Assistant has natural language voice recognition, developed by SoundHound Inc, a Silicon Valley start-up.