EAT6 and EAT8 automatic gearboxes

For a serene control and high level og driving agreement

Découvrez les boîtes de vitesses automatiques EAT6 et EAT8! Ces boîtes de vitesses améliorent l’agrément et la fluidité de conduite.

EAT6 gearbox

Automatic gear box EAT6 (Efficient Automatic Transmission at 6 speeds) with converter of last generation gets a high level of agreement thanks to fluid and fast shiftings of speed. Its comfort of use, its flexibility and its agreement will make your daily ways even more pleasant. This box EAT6, parameterized for the comfort of control and the fluidity of the passage of the reports, can lay out besides two accessible special programs via orders located in front of the gear stick: a program “Sport”, which supports a dynamic style of control, and a program “Snow”, which facilitates startings and motricity when the conditions of adherence

EAT8 gearbox

18P17_C5AEAT8_555X318The very last generation of automatic EAT8 gearbox, “Efficient Automatic Transmission” at 8 speeds, with Shift and Park control by wire offer even more efficiency and agreement to your daily ways with in particular:
– A fuel consumption reduced up to 7% compared to the EAT6 thanks to the 2 additional reports, the improvement of the output with the extension of the Stop & Start up to 20 km/h and with the compactness and weight savings (up to 2 kg compared to the EAT6)
– A comfort of use and an agreement of passage speeds increased thanks to the optimization of the exchanges in couple between the engine and the box, the 2 additional relationship making it possible to reduce the jump mode between each change of speed.