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01_DesignREVOLTE, superbly transgressive

Forceful lines, compact dimensions and sculpted flanks… REVOLTE transgresses the codes of the luxury world as we know them, with a contemporary body style. The styling approach shares some of the characteristics of executive vehicles but also includes references far removed from those usually associated with cars.

Far more than just a small, functional vehicle, REVOLTE is a high-spirited performer. Its character is illustrated by its compact dimensions and also by its bodywork which shuns the conventional codes of luxury to drape itself in an intense and radiant shade of violent.

A low-set vehicle sitting squarely on its four wheels, REVOLTE makes light work of urban driving. With its strongly marked wheel arches, curving bonnet, and sculpted flanks, REVOLTE is sleekly muscled and ready to pounce.

The modern character of REVOLTE is expressed through provocative styling inspired by one of its most illustrious ancestors: the 2CV. Adopting a heretic stance, however, REVOLTE questions all the codes of the 2CV, systematically reviewing all the values underpinning the legend.


02_IntérieurREVOLTE, a boldly luxurious interior

The rear-hinged doors of REVOLTE provide easy access to the cabin, revealing a multicoloured interior that resembles a box of make-up. The main materials featured in the cabin are: woven black leather, thick crimson velvet and gleaming aluminium. Out go conventional materials such as wood, and conventional colours. The onboard ambience of REVOLTE aims for a bold but luxurious feel.

REVOLTE also dares a three-seater cabin design, designed to resemble a lounge with volumes similar to those found in home furnishings.
The passenger area includes a meridian sofa of contemporary design whose flowing lines cover the entire rear area as well as the space usually reserved for the front passenger. The passenger sitting in this last space can stretch out his or her legs and enjoy the sensations offered by the cosy, luxurious ambience.

REVOLTE thus boasts an architecture never before seen on this type of vehicle, with original and distinctive forms.


03_TechnologiesREVOLTE: intelligent technology in action

REVOLTE’s approach to innovation reflects its standpoint on luxury. On board, the tactile screen of REVOLTE is encased in crystal. The superbly crafted deep red crystals literally project the tactile screen into the cabin… while recycling the air onboard.

Chic and elegant, the rear bench of REVOLTE is not only a brilliant demonstration of style. It also houses the concept car’s electric batteries. This clever stowage solution improves the look of the cabin as a whole.

The bonnet of the car is covered in photovoltaic cells supplying energy for the onboard comfort functions, including when the vehicle is stationary. This makes it unnecessary to draw on the electric batteries.

At the front, the observer’s eye is drawn to a curved glass shape underlining lines of the grille. The backlit translucent bottom of the glass brings out the chevrons to original effect.


04_HybrideREVOLTE, a modern activist

The contemporary, sophisticated character of REVOLTE is also reflected in its powertrain, which has the future clearly in its sights. Striking a distinctive note in the automotive industry’s ongoing quest for “all-electric” solutions, REVOLTE features a solution that is both exciting and credible: a rechargeable hybrid drivetrain.

The characteristics and features of the drivetrain are as follows:
– a small-capacity conventional combustion engine combined with an electric motor, both able to drive the wheels;
– the ability to run in all-electric ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode, i.e. without emissions;
– a battery recharging function that supplies the electric motor.

This rechargeable hybrid drivetrain places the emphasis on “all-electric” running. As well as producing no CO2 emissions, this mode delivers a quiet ride with a high level of driving comfort.